Weeki Wachee Springs is a perfect day trip for the family. Boat tours, swimming, animals shows, and most importantly…mermaids! To enter the small park it is $13.00 per adult and $8.00 per child over 5 years of age. You pay at the entrance and everything (besides food and souvenirs) is included.


Mermaid Show

Lets start with the main reason everyone goes to Weeki Wachee…to see the mermaid show! The shows are normally at 11:00am, 1:30pm and 3:00pm. They take place in the underground amphitheater and the doors open 30 minutes before the show. I’d suggest getting in line early because it is open seating on a first come first serve basis. Sit in the center, up front, for the best view. Any front row seats closest to the glass make for the best photos.

line.jpg  mers.jpg

The park puts on themed shows depending on the time of the year. In some cases you can see a football match or a Christmas story. They also  have ‘normal’ underwater mermaid shows (aka not themed) where they do an underwater routine. One that they also have regularly scheduled “The Little Mermaid”in which the story of the Little Mermaid is acted out underwater. You can see both in the same day if you wish, just keep an eye on the changing times! (I would most defiantly recommend seeing both.)

mermaid show.jpgmer plura.jpg

Photo Ops (be a mermaid and take photos with one)

After the show, be sure to keep an eye out for a photo op with one of the mermaids! They come out regularly and they let you use your own camera/phone.

pic with mermaid.jpg

Around the park there are plenty of other photo opportunities. Even a chance for you to be a mermaid yourself!

be amermai.jpg

Animal shows

Keep an eye on the times for the animal shows. Normally they are at 10:00am, 12:00am, and 2:15pm. They are perfect for kids and entertaining for adults as well. Get there early because the bleachers fill up fast. The shows are short but have lots of information on the animals that they bring out. You can pet them too! Get up close and personal with snakes, turtles, alligators and more.


Swimming at Buccaneer Bay

The swimming hole is open seasonally, so be sure to check online to see what is open and when. The water is super clear and absolutely beautiful. There are water slides to slide down, a lazy river to cruise and beach chairs to tan on. You can also order a bite to eat or a fancy drink from the beach bar.

swimming hole.jpg

River Boat Cruise

Take a short river boat cruise on the lake around the springs. Climb aboard and sit back and relax as you take in the beautiful scenery and learn all about the land and animals around you from the river guide.

boat tour.jpg


Depending on the time of year they have Kayaking opportunities where you can paddle down he same path you took the boat cruise on. There may be an additional charge for this opportunity.

Picnic or Eat

All around the park are picnic tables and other perfect spots to have a picnic, so bring along something to eat. Or, stop by the quick stop and order something to eat. If you want to sit in and dine they have a small restaurant on site you can eat at as well.

staff sign.jpg

Before you leave, swing in by the gift shop to see what they have to offer. Right outside the shop, you can make your own wax mermaid (or watch it being made in the machine).

Whenever you go, just be sure to look online for seasonal time changes, and check the weather to make sure the day is sunny and clear for when you go.


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