Tuttletown has some great camping and hiking spots. It is a small town that is great for a weekend camping trip or a cheap place to stay while you are making your way through California.

On the way to Yosemite one weekend, a group of friends and I spent two nights camping in Tuttletown. It’s a small town with not much else to do besides camp or hike. It also feels a bit like it is in the middle of nowhere…probably because it is…

If you are looking for a camp ground to stay at check out Tuttletown Recreation Area. It has camping spots that are fairly cheap (especially for large groups), boat docks, a swimming spot and lots of trails attached to or around the area.

Where to swim. Photo by the amazing Kirk Webster.

There is flat land to pitch a tent, but I recommend stringing up a hammock and sleeping there for the night. Watch what plants are below you though, there are lots of prickers that get stuck to your cloths and get into your socks. It is no fun landing on them when jumping from your hammock.


However you choose to set up camp, remember to be prepared for the cold nights. We were there late August, but it was absolutely freezing at night. So bring lots of layers!

Photo by Kirk Webster

They have picnic areas and tables for eating. They also have fire pits if you are looking to cook your food or stay warm. If you are not up for cooking anything yourself, but want something hot, take a drive to Waterwheel Pizza. Their pizza is SO good, and open late!



There are tons of hiking trails you can take that are all around the area. If you have never been hiking out west before, keep in mind that it is nothing like the east coast. The trees are barer, the foliage is drier, and the landscape has a lot less green than you would expect.

Photo Credit to my amazing friend Kirk Webster

One fun thing we found along the trails were GIANT pine cones! I am not exaggerating, the biggest one I found was bigger than my head!


There are always animals around every campsite you stay in… you are in the wilderness after all. That being said, Tuttletown is very safe and also very peaceful. It is a comfortable weekend camping trip or a good spot to stay at on the way through California.


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