If you are going through Utah, or are close to the north-eastern boarder of Nevada/Utah, you should defiantly make a stop at the Bonneville Salt Flats. You could stop for 5 minutes for an ultimate road trip stop, or hang out for an hour.


If you are driving through Utah and taking interstate 80 you will pass through miles and miles of salt flats. Hold out on stopping until you hit the Bonneville Salt Flats. Right along the side of the high way, just before you hit West Wendover (if coming from the UT side), there will be a sign for the Bonneville Salt Flats that will show you where you can safely pull off.


Pull over, park and and get ready for a beautiful sight. The Bonneville Salt Flats are breathtaking. They the stretch all the way to the mountains and most of the distance is covered by a cool layer of water that reflects its entire surroundings.


Be sure to take off your shoes and walk across the flats. It may hurt at first, or after walking for a while, but your feet will be super smooth by the time you get out.


While I would not recommend tasting the salt… if you are like my group, you should do it anyway. It tastes like what it is…salt. Except it is SUPER saltier than your average table salt.


There are restrooms at this stop and shaded picnic tables as well, so it is also a cool place for a quick pit stop to stretch your legs. Be warned, you will be covered in salt once your arms and legs dry, but it will be worth it!


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