I recently spent about three weeks in Salem, Oregon. To be honest I barely did anything but work and take trips out of the city on the weekends. When I did have a few hours after work, I spent time at the coffee shops around town. I may not be a big fan of coffee, unless it is loaded with cream and sugar, but I am a huge fan of coffee shops. So, here are my top five coffee shops in Salem that I thought were pretty awesome. From the bottom (5) to the top (1), ranked on coolness factor and taste.

#5. Coffee in Motion

This coffee shop is a stationary, double decker bus. Unfortunately you cannot go inside as it is a drive through. It has been parked in the same spot for 18 years and was a fish & chips shop in its past life. The workers here are great and the food is cheap. You can get breakfast sandwiches and lunch specials here, as well as coffee sizes up to 44oz! Now, the food and coffee are sub-par to be completely honest, but this one makes the list due to the creativity of the shop itself.

drive in.jpg


#4. Archive Coffee & Bar

The coolness factor of this coffee shop takes the cake. It is a coffee shop by day and a bar by night. The staff are awesome and the decor is amazing. It feels a little bit like you are in a library crossed with an alcoholics lab. To be honest tho, the only reason it is on my list is for how cool it is. The coffee here is super strong. If you love coffee and are a fan of the strong taste of black coffee, then this is your stop.


#3. IKE Box Café

This one make the list because of their background. This coffee shop was previously a funeral home. Yep, you read that correctly. A. Funeral. Home. It was bought out and renovated by new owners and seems to always have a table open, thanks to all the space. The staff, once again, are super nice (must be something in the water in this town) and the drinks are pretty good as well.



#2. Broadway Coffeehouse

Broadway comes in second place for many reasons. The drinks are on point and their tea choices are out of this world. The have tons of seating available so you can find your own personal space to settle into, connect to the wifi and get some work done.


#1. The GOVernors CUP

The Gov Cup is by far the best coffee shop in Salem. They make the best drinks around. I’ve never had a better white mocha than at the gov cup… Including Starbucks. And their smoothies are prime! The flavors are whatever fruit they have fresh that day and it always tastes amazing (aka: not loaded with fake sugar and syrup).

gov cup.jpg

The baristas there are perfect to have a conversation with if you are in the mood. The coffee shop is small and can get crowded in the evenings or on the weekends- no surprise there. They have a small dining room downstairs and seating upstairs in a loft-like area. It is small and cozy and perfect for grabbing some free wifi to get work done. And, live music on some nights!

cup art.jpg

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