Nature is beautiful and jaw dropping. These adjectives can be used to perfectly describe the tallest trees in the world… The California Redwood Trees.


The California Redwoods can be found in northern Californian. You can take a trip to the Redwood National and State Parks and walk or hike many different trails through the forest… for free. (However, if you want to camp, there is a fee.)


There are many different trials you can take, and no matter what one you choose, you will not be disappointed.

walk the woods.jpg

The color of the bark on the trees makes the forest look like it is shaded in red- hence the name of the tree.

red haze.jpg

From the buried roots below the ground, to the highest branches that reach to the sky, these giants are unreal. It is hard not to feel small standing below them.


You can find them toppled over along the trails, with their roots pulled free from the earth.

tree down.jpg

Even if you just stop by and walk along one trail, it is sure to take your breath away.





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