Seattle, Washington… the city of rain, flowers and ferryboats. I never thought I would have loved it as much as I did. I wish I had a month instead of only 3 days, but a long weekend gave me enough time to check almost everything off my bucket list. So, here are things that you  can do with 3 days in Seattle – starting with day one.

*Disclaimer: I did not hop from place to place depending on how close it was to the next item on my list. I went when I could avoid lines and when transportation cost me less. In other words, my order may not be exactly what you are looking for, but the places are prime.


I took a 6 hour bus ride from Salem, OR to reach Seattle by 4:00pm. I stayed at the American Hostel, in China town. First things first: if you want to save time, avoid the buses. The system is confusing and it will take longer to get where you are going. Uber is super cheap here if you use Uberpool, but if you have a car it will help you a great deal. Personally, I stick with the motto that everywhere is walk-able.

The Peer

Head straight to the peer before the sunsets! Here you will find lots of tourist shops, places to eat, ferry boat rides, and much more. The city view is beautiful from the water and the sunset is spectacular.

city view1.jpg

Diner at Ivar’s Fish Bar

Along the way down the peer you will run into a seafood restaurant that you will only find in Washington- Ivar’s Fish Bar. There is a sit down restaurant, or a takeout counter if you prefer. I went with the take out since I was flying solo and wanted to save time.


I was exceptionally surprised with Ivar’s. I got fried scallops and they we really fresh! I was thinking the quality was going to be McDonald’s “fresh” or fast food style, but the food was great!


If you take your tray and head around back to the outdoor waterfront seating (they have shelter if it is raining) you can get a seat by the ocean. Take a moment to feed the seagulls. Trust me, they want you to. There are actual signs that say “Seagull lovers are welcome to feed seagulls in need, but don’t feed the pigeons.” I watched tourists hold  a french fry out in the air, over the water, and the seagulls actually swoop down and take it from their hands!

seg feed.jpg

Miners Landing

Keep walking and you will hit Miners Landing. Right before you hit it, is the perfect photograph spot, with the Seattle Ferris wheel in the background.

miners landing peri.jpg

Miner’s Landing has several shops, food options and games to play. At the end of the strip, you will find Seattle’s Great Wheel. You can buy a ticket to ride it to the top. I opted out of spending the money on riding the wheel, since I have ridden so many before (The London Eye being my favorite).


Scope Out the Pike Place Market

By the time you walk the rest of the peer the market will be be almost completely closed, with an exception of  a few shops on the outskirts. While it is empty of people, it is the perfect time to scope it out to see where you would need to get to first to avoid the lines. I met a cool guy while walking around who told me all about the places that have the longest lines, and where to head to first the next morning (i.e. Starbucks and Piroshky).

As I wondered I stooped into Rachel’s Ginger Beer for drink. You can try their many different homemade flavors. If you are not a big fan of ginger flavor, the guy at the counter will know just what you should sample.

gin ber.jpg

Space Needle

I walked a couple miles around Seattle and eventually found the Space Needle. It was perfect timing to check it out before the sunset, but still be able to see the view from the top at night. You can get tickets from the kiosk below the needle- each ticket has a specific time for when you want to go up to the top. Be sure to arrive earlier than your actual time to get in line first.


The line leads from an outside ramp to an inside one. Along the way are facts, information and stories about the space needle and what was going on in the USA at that time.


The view from the top is amazing. You get a 360 view of the city. Just be warned, when you go on the outside deck it is cold and windy.

pace needle view.jpg

After checking out the Space Needle, I walked all the way back to my Hostel- and yes it was a very long walk. Fair warning- the streets can be a bit scary at night and if you are normally not comfortable walking alone in a safer neighborhood, I would play it safe and call an Uber or take a bus.

That was day one- check out day 2 in my next post!

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