Day two! Rise and shine bright and early because it is going to be a day packed with everything you are looking for!


Start your day bright and early so you can see as much as possible. I headed out at 7:30am!

The Original Starbucks

Head right to the Original Starbucks. The earlier you get there, the more likely you will be able to avoid a very long line. Even then though, as the lady in line behind me said, “you need the patience of Job to wait in this line.” I’m pretty sure she was referring to the Bible, unless there is another patient Job out there, but she was in no way wrong. The line will take a while. But if you get there early like I did, you will only have to wait to order for about 15 minuets then wait 10 more for your drink to be made!


The baristas there are awesome. They are so nice to the customers and don’t rush you at all. They are great to each other as well- I actually considered applying to work there…if I lived in Seattle that it. You can watch them toss cups back and forth as they joke with each other, great costumers and make your drink.


Don’t be fooled though, the drinks are nothing different from any other Starbucks. So if you don’t want to wait, grab your drink somewhere else, then go take photos in front of the store. No one will know the difference.

Piroshky, Piroshky

Right next to Starbucks is Piroshky, Piroshky. You will want to jump in this line the second you are done at Starbucks, as it get ridiculously long at all hours of the day as well.


It is a very popular Russian bakery that serves sweet and savory baked goods. The food is cheap and really good, it is worth waiting and the line moves faster than some other places around the market.


Pike Place Market

Of the top five places everyone should visit in Seattle, the Pike Place Market always makes the list!

The market technically opens at 9:00am, but many outdoor stands will open earlier than that. So browse around and check it all out before the crowds come.

mark sign.jpg

The market is pretty big. You can find all kinds of vendors selling a vast array of different things; flowers, fruit, fish, bread, books, paintings, jewelry, knick-knacks…. The market seems to have it all.

more market.jpg


Be sure to stop and see the Fish Guys at the Fish Market. They are hilarious! They joke around with customers, toss fish back and forth and make everyone genuinely laugh. I actually scouted them out because their film was used in  leadership training I went through. If you miss them, just look them up on YouTube to see what all the hype is about!


A few other places you do not want to miss at the market:

Ellenos: Real Greek Yogurt

If you like Greek yogurt, add this stop to your list! You can try all the different flavors of real, thick, Greek yogurt. Order a cup to walk around or a container for later!


Daily Dozen Doughnuts

Order a dozen or a half dozen of these amazingly fried little doughnuts. They are delicious- cinnamon and sugar, powdered, maple, sprinkles or a mix of all! But don’t forget, it is cash only!


Gum Wall

You cannot visit Seattle without checking out the Gum Wall. If you have not heard of it, it is exactly what is sounds like…a wall covered in chewed gum. Well, more likely a small alley rather than just one wall. You can find it under the giant Pike Place Market sign, down the alley on the left of the information booth. Walk down the inclined street that looks like a car ramp and you will walk right into it.

gum wall.jpg

gumwall we

It looks cool, but is completely gross when you think about it. So, like all those before you, go take your photo and add your gum to the collection.

gum wall me.jpg

Ghost Alley Espresso

At the beginning of the alley is Ghost Alley Espresso. Stop in an grab something hot, the coffee is delicious. This is also where you will find Ghost Tours if you are interested. Just ask the barista. (I recommend the Flat White.)

ghost alley.jpg

Monorail to the Needle

After you have had your fill of the market, ask the information booth at the front how to get to the monorail that will take you to the Space Needle. It is only a short walk to get there and it is faster and cheaper than the buses.


While at the Space Needle it is a great time to walk around and see it in the day. There are several museums around, including the pop culture museum and the glass gardens. They are around $22.00 to enter and I hear they are worth the trip. I did not stop in because museums are not my thing, and I rather spend the money elsewhere.

Fremont Troll

From the Space Needle, you can get a cheap Uber ride to The Fremont Troll. My drive was only $8 and I was lucky that my Uber driver knew where to go, not where the GPS said he should drop me off. If you do get dropped off on top of the bridge, look for a staircase on the side that says “Pedestrian Path” (or something about Pedestrians…I forget). It will take you right under the bridge to the troll.

trollll view.jpg

It’s a pretty cool sight and perfect for a photo opp. Odds are there will be lots of people crawling all around the troll, looking like ants. Just wait your turn to climb on top and get a photo.


Downtown Fremont

Fremont is a really cool, hipster town. There are lots of places to eat, shop and see. I’d recommend stopping into Ophelia’s Books.


It is a three floor little book shop that makes you feel like you can get lost in the stacks (even though you probably could not). There is a cat in there that will follow you around, and bunnies on the bottom floor!


After you are done in Fremont, head back to the space needle. (You could go straight back to town, but if you are Ubering it is cheaper to head back to the Needle and then monorail back.)

Try a Seattle dog

If you are a foodie, don’t leave the city without trying a Seattle Dog. Dog in the park has high recommendations when it comes to hot dogs. You can find it right around the corner from the monorail entrance. For $7.00 (the price you will find most places) you can order yourself a Seattle Dog. It is a hot dog or sausage with cream cheese, onions, and mustard on a toasted bun.  It is actually really good!

hot dog


As Dr. McDreamy once said… it is all about the ferryboats. (Quick shout out to all you Grey’s Anatomy fans.)

Make your way back to the peer to take a ride on a ferryboat! There are guided tours on the big boats that will give you great views. However, if you don’t want to spend the money, take a ride on the King County Water Taxi.


For just over $10 round trip, it will take you to West Seattle and back. There are things to do in West Seattle, but I was more interested in solely riding on one of the boats. So explore a bit or head right back. The boats leave to go to the West side every half hour. If you want a great view, sit in the back on the way there and the front on the way back.



I love rooftops bars, so, naturally I searched for the ones that had the best view in Seattle. The Mbar it was. I’m going to be blunt- the view is amazing, the waiters are nice, but the food is fancy and expensive and does not do justice to the ambiance of the place.


If you do want to check out the Mbar, it is a place you may actually want to bring a friend. I felt super awkward there alone…and I never feel awkward going out to eat alone. It also get crowded fast so if you want a seat with a good view, head there early.

China Town/Dessert

I headed back to my hostel after dinner to check out China Town. It is packed with bakeries, restaurants and shops, along with some really cool oriental decorations here and there.

china town.jpg

A great place to have dessert in China Town is at Hardwok Cafe. The dessert in question in called Honey Toast. It is a Taiwanese dessert the is served in a angel cake-like pastry box, piled high with ice cream, cookies, fruit and treats. Word to the wise- do not get the big one if you are solo! You are much better off sticking to the smaller one. As you can see by the photo below, I was the person that made that mistake….though, it was totally worth it.


After dessert I walked around the town for a bit and headed back to my hostel by dark.

Don’t forget to check out my first day in Seattle! You can find it on my blog. Keep an eye out for day three as well!


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