I’ve probably been on more road trips than I can count. While it is one of my favorite things to do, sometimes it can get kind of boring. So, if you have a car full of people, or if it is just you and a friend, here are my five favorite games to keep you occupied.

1.) Paranoia

This one is my favorite, and you will need a car full of people to play (minus the driver please). It is played just like a game of telephone. One person whispers in the ear of another and it continues around in a circle. However, what you are whispering is a crazy/weird question, such as; “If you could only road trip with one person who would it be” or “Who is the craziest of the group.” The person who gets asked the question, answers it out loud, by only saying the name of one person (in the car) that the question pertains to.

Then you flip a coin (or you can have someone guess Heads or Tails). If it lands on heads, the question is told to the entire group. If it lands on tails,  no one (including the name of the person said) gets to know what the question was. Therefor lies the name, paranoia.

2.) License Plate Game

I’m sure everyone has a version a a license place game. Personally, I like the one where you write down every state you see from all the license plates you pass and try to check off the most states. You can make this a contest or do it as a group.

3.) State Stereotypes

This is a game a few friends and I invented – I think… Basically, as you are driving through each state, you are trying to see how many stereotypes, that pertain to the state you are currently in, you can see. For example, when driving through Alabama we saw TONS of farms and gun shops. When driving through Massachusetts there are endless Dunkin’ Doughnuts on every street. In Michigan, you cant go anywhere without seeing a reference to the state looking like a glove and in Florida you get retirement homes and funny tourists.

4.) Don’t Get Me Started

One of my friends recently gave me this one and it is really funny to play. Take turns being “it”. The group will come up with a random person, object, thing… that is totally normal. Then the person who is “it” will improv a rant about how awful that thing is.

For example: If the word is Grapes, whoever is it must go on and on about how awful grapes are in a completely serious manner. “Don’t get me started on grapes, they are awful. They cant decide if they are green or purple and you never know if they have seeds in them…etc…etc…”

5.) Bad Movie Titles

Hopefully you have heard of this one before. Be aware that it can get really awkward. Take turns thinking of a movie and try to describe the movie in the form of a title (that is NOT the original title.

Example:  Women falls in love with ghost who she thinks is her dead father, who falls in love with  her because she sings well (Phantom of the Opera).


Those are my top 5! I hope I gave you some ideas that will help you cruise through that long trip. I’d love to hear your favorites in the comments!

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