My final day in Seattle. I’m sure you are probably wondering what else there is to see, since I have stopped at all the places everyone says you should go. Trust me, there is more to do and this day was my favorite one!

Once again, rise and shine bright an early to make the most of your day!

Kerry Park

At 8:00am head to Kerry Park for a great view of the city. To be honest, that is about all there is to Kerry Park, as it is a very small piece of land next to an overlook. But if you are looking for a good view, this is a great spot.


Free Boat Ride

The Center for Wooden Boats has free sailing on Sundays. They have several boats for you to choose from, none of which you need to sail yourself.

bot welcom.jpg

Signs ups starts at 10:00am but the lines starts at 9:00am. If you want to make sure you get your first choice boat, at a decent time, get in line as soon as possible. They will put up a few different photos of boats available that day, along with available times. All you have to do is put your name down, show up for the ride and climb aboard!


Since I had been on a sail boat before I decided to try something new. One of the boats you can take a ride on is called the Puffin. This boat is an extremely old steam boat that was restored after being found washed up on shore. It is perfectly warm for a cold day and you will most likely never find another one like it.


On the boat you will get a tour of the many floating homes, including a drive by of the one used in the movie “Sleepless in Seattle” (which I have never seen).

floating homes.jpg

You will also cruise by Gasworks Park. In the past this park was an old plant that shut down due to pollution. However, it was too expensive to deconstruct so it was left standing.

gas works.jpg

Cat Café

After your sail, catch a ride to the Cate Cafe!

cat cafee.jpg

Here you can order a coffee and spend an hour playing with cats.

catt cafeee.jpg

To get in to the cat room is cost about $10 and you need to call and make an appointment. However, if you are just a walk-in like me, they may have availability for you. I came in at the half hour mark and only had to pay $5 for a half hour.

cat cafrfe.jpg

Mystery Soda Machine

There is a Mystery Soda Machine at 916-918 E John St. In front of Broadway Locksmith.

mystery coke.jpg

It cost $0.75 for a soda. However, since they are all a mystery you have no idea what you will get. (I got a Pepsi.) Another part to this mysterious vending machine is that nobody ever seems to know who keeps refilling it, and no one is ever spotted doing so.


Dick’s Drive Inn

Down the street and around the corner you will find Seattle’s famous “Dick’s Drive Inn.” This seems to be another one that always makes the list of “must see” in Seattle.


The food is super cheap….and SUPER gross. I am in no way kidding when I say it is gross. The french fries are smooshy and floppy and the burger is so thin I felt as though I was eating a thin bun with condiments on it. It doesn’t even taste good. I don’t think I know of one person who would even want to eat this as drunk food. Seriously, if you want to try it go ahead, but don’t say I didn’t warn you.

dicks food.jpg

After my awful burger I headed back to the Pike Place Market to grab lunch.

3rd Street and downtown

Across the street from the entrance to Pike Place Market you will find the downtown area.

thro way.jpg

There are lots of shops and food places to check out. I recommend stopping into Cupcake Royal and getting a “compost cupcake.” It has chips, chocolate and more and is delicious.

street art.jpg

After grabbing snacks for the long bus ride back, I took an Uber to the Greyhound station and was on my way. There is much more to do and see in this lively city, and I hope to come back on day and explore more.


Done everything on my list? Here are some things I missed that may interest you:

  • Seattle Public Library
  • Seattle-Tacoma Airport (Where some Grey’s Anatomy Scenes were filmed)
  • Geoduck (pronounced gooey-duck): a food only in Seattle, basically looks like a muscle that is way to big for its shell. If you try it, let me know how it is.


Don’t forget to check out my first two days in Seattle! You can find them on my blog. 😉

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