Fairs and festivals are some of my favorite things to do. Fill it with my favorite flowers and how could I not say yes?

The Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival is in Woodburn, OR and takes place from the end of March to early May. It is $5.00 for general admission, including parking. Here you can stroll through 40 acres of tulips, sample wine, grab some tasty lunch or snacks, shop with the vendors and more. It is perfect for a family outing and a great place to bring pets.

You will find that once you get relatively close, the line of cars seems endless. When you finally get to the entrance, pay in cash and go find a spot to park in the muddy field.

The tulips are hard to miss as the fields go on forever. Take time to explore and don’t miss all of the photo opps!




Everywhere you look there are people taking photos of each other, their kids and their dogs….



When you are done strolling in the fields, or just need a break, head to the gift shop area and grab some food. They have sandwiches, burgers, fries, cotton candy, elephant ears and much more.


Stroll over to the gift shop area to get yourself a post card, buy some tulips or taste some wine samples.


When you do sample or purchase the wine, I recommend the sparking blush, it is fantastic!


If you are looking for things for the kids to do, they have pony rides, bounce houses, slides and more.


There is a small row of vendors that sell lots of homemade items and trinkets.


Of course, you cant go wrong with honey….


If you do take a ride on the hay ride, just know it does not take you around the fields, but it brings you to the other side of the festival. Which is only about 15 seconds away. We were very surprised when we got on and found out we could have just walked through the tulips for a minuet to reach to the other side ourselves. Needless to say we laughed about it all day.


They festival is small but a great way to spend half of the day.



Check out their website for more information about the festival, and if you have time to spend in Oregon, stop on by!

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