We took an overnight bus to Milan from Florence. We slept uncomfortably on the packed, freezing cold bus and arrived at the station at 5:15am. It was still pitch black outside and the underground was closed. It would have taken over an hour to walk to the city center, so we waited for the subway to open. Around 6:30am it finally did. We bought tickets for €1.50 and rode a few stops into the city.

Once we were there we made our way to the Cathedral. It was completely dead, not a soul in sights and everything was still closed because it was so early . We spent some time admiring the cathedral and resting on the stone steps.


The Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II was right next to the Cathedral. We went into the Galleria, which is an open mall-like building that is very big but there are only a few, high-end stores there.



Jamie wanted to go to a museum but since it did not open till 10:30 we decided to get breakfast.

We wanted a quick meal and found a small sit down restaurant, in the square the Cathedral was in, that served sandwiches. I ordered a cappuccino (because, when in Italy…) and after adding sugar it was pretty good. Though it tasted like one from home.


Jamie got a sandwich and I though I had as well, but apparently I ordered the wrong thing… because I was given a plate of roast beef. No wonder the waiter gave me a strange look and tapped his watch when I ordered.


The food was good, but strange. The beef was cold, rare and thinly sliced (like American lunch meat) and came with tiny carrots, green beans an potato wedge french fries.

We finished our meal and paid. It came to €15.00 plus the €3 for the cappuccino! We also got charged €2 for a sit down fee. I knew we would though, I had read about sit down frees it before leaving for the trip. After sitting for a few minuets we were off to explore the city.


The streets of Milan are much more modern than most of Italy. There are cable cars everywhere so there are lots of clusters of cables running between streets and buildings around the city center. While the streets are bigger the city is very small.




Making our way to the museum, we came upon an open castle that you could walk around in for free. There was a giant courtyard inside with small grass fields and walkways. I’m not sure where we were exactly… but later in the day it was filled with tourists so it must have been an important place. We walked through to the other side and came out to a park which we walked through to get to the museum.

The museum was still closed so we decided to relax on a bench across from the dog park. We watched the dogs play for awhile, until the museum opened. Originally we thought it was a free museum but it turned out to be €12. I don’t really enjoy museums, so I decided not to spend the money on it. Jamie got a ticket and went in to browse while I walked the city a bit more.



After walking a while, I went back to the castle to use the restroom. Here they seam not to have seats on their toilets…strange. Mostly everywhere we went in Italy was like this.

I sat down on one of many of the stone benches to write in my journal.

Finally Jamie and I met up again around 12:30. She told me about the museum and then we went to get on the subway to head back to the bus station.

When our bus arrived we headed off to Verona.

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