This past weekend we took a day trip to Coeuer d’Alene, Idaho. Before coming to Idaho, I pictured flat lands and potato farms. However, Idaho is mostly filled with grassy hills, acres of flowers and crops, and blue skies as far as the eye can see. It is also filled with quaint little towns to spend the day.

Coeuer d’Alene is a small town by the river with a main street filled with mom and pop shops, and great places to eat.


Most of the stores are boutiques or souvenir shops. Take a peak around, you may just find something you wont find anywhere else.


For lunch, head to Fire Artisan Pizza. It is a pizza place in northern Idaho/Washington that bakes amazing wood-fire pizza.  They have all kinds of strange, personal pizzas worth trying.


After lunch, grab some ice cream from Mrs Honeypeeps Sweet Shop. The waffle cones are on point, and they top off your ice cream with an animal cracker.



Explore the main strip some more while you make your way down to the river.



I hope you brought your bathing suite, because I forgot to and was very disappointed. The beach is full of people on a hot day but it is worth a dip.



They also have a rental shop at the end of the pier where you can rent a paddle board for the day.


If the beach is not your thing, take a stroll along the lake.


Once you have had your fill it should be about dinner time. Head back into town and get a table at Crafted Tap House and Kitchen. They have lots to drink on tap and a great outdoor seating section. However, they do have a small menu.


If you do eat here, I recommend the wings! There are done just right, with the perfect amount of kick.


If you have time, check out the streets just off the main strip. You may find some hidden gems.


Overall, the town is a nice place to spend the day and get some much needed relaxation and downtime.






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