When driving through Idaho, stopping at Boise is a must. How could you not stop at the state’s capitol?

If you only have a few hours, a “must do” to add to your list is to eat at the Boise Fry Company!


Head right there for lunch or dinner and choose from eight different types of potatoes to be cut and freshly fried for you.


If you are like me and can’t just pick one, order a bunch of different kinds for your meal! Come on, how could you not try out all kinds of different fries from the state best known for it’s potatoes?! But go with the small size or you will not be able finish it all. (Hint: In the photo below, each bowl is a small size.)


They have nine different sauces and seasonings to try out. Might as well test them all since you are here! My favorite is the Cajun seasoning.


After your meal, take a walk around the surrounding streets and appreciate the art.





The town has some cute shops, but they do close early, so get there sooner rather than later.


If you have the time, and the room in your stomach, stop into Goldy’s Corner. Their baked goods are delectable. Get something to go if you are too full, you will thank yourself later.


This was a very quick stop in Boise for us. After dinner and a stroll we headed back to our hotel to sleep, so we could make our way further north.







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