New York City if filled with delicious and crazy food to eat. Since my brother lives near the city, one of my favorite things to do when we visit is to run around NYC and find the craziest food craze. Here is a list of the top five coolest treats I have found in New York City, and if it is worth checking them out.

#1. Fish Cone Ice Cream from TAIYAKI NYC

Right in the city you can find this crazy ice cream dessert hidden in a small shop in China Town. The cones are a soft fish shaped waffle-like treat that are big in Japan.

When we went there was no line at all, and it took them only a few seconds to make. I actually did no get one, but my mom did and she said it was one of the best desserts in the city and worth every bite.



#2. Rainbow Bagels from The Bagel Store

You can find the famous rainbow colored bagels at The Bagel Store, located in Brooklyn.  The line can be very long, so your best bet is to go at a random time.

Here they have all different type of bagels, which are made in the store, along with every different kind of cream cheese you can think of. The rainbow bagels taste a bit sweeter than a normal plan bagel and, though they are not too bad, the only thing “out of this world” about them is the crazy color.



#3. Milkshakes from Black Tap Burger

OK, so these milkshakes became seemingly famous overnight. They are amazingly made, piled high with everything you can thing of, and are a great photo opp.

The catch? First off, I will admit the milkshake is super cool and does look “out of this world.” However, it was not worth the wait. We stood in line for over two hours to get these milkshakes and they tasted like an ordinary milkshake. It was cool to get them, but you can order a non-decked out milkshake from Black Tap and it will taste the same as the crazy ones, just a lot cheaper…surprise, surprise.




#4. Edible Cookie Dough from Cookie DO

I know what you are thinking, “isn’t all cookie dough edible?” Well, what makes this cookie dough different, and “edible,” is that it is not made with raw eggs. Thus, no chance of salmonella.

However…. If you are like me and have been eating cookie dough for the last 20 years, you probably do not have salmonella and are doing just fine.  If you do stop by DO, know that you will be waiting in a very long line to pay for a scoop of cookie dough that taste a a bit more powdery than the cheap tube of dough you buy from the supermarket. It is not really worth the wait.




#5. Chocolate and Desserts from Max Brenner

I absolutely LOVE Max Brenner. You can find this sit down restaurant in Union Square. They serve great food and even better desserts. Their hot chocolate is amazing, the milk shakes are delectable and the ice cream concoctions will have your eyes rolling back into your head.

You can also stop in to get to-go drinks or prepackaged goodies from their shop as well.



There are lots more tasty treats in NYC, it would be impossible to find them all in one day. What I can tell you is, I will definitely be back to find more!



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