To get to Sorrento from Venice, we had to take an overnight bus to Naples. When we arrived in Naples around 8:00am the next morning we collected our belongings and went in search of the Circumvesuvian (the train that would take us to Sorrento).

We walked through the station, which seemed to double as a mall, and found our train. It was €2.60 for our tickets and a 45 minute ride crammed inside the train car with lots of people. The very last stop was Sorrento.

When we arrived the sun was shinning and it was a beautiful day. We followed the directions- which I had previously printed out- to our hostel. Once again, we got a bit lost. But hey, it’s apart of travel and makes thing so much more interesting.

We asked for directions from a kind, older women at a information shop and she told us to take the next left and take that street all the way to the end. Since the streets were so small we ended up walking right past it and the women actually chased after us to point us in the right direction. Eventually we ended up at the Florida Hostel.

We checked in, changed in the restroom and stowed our belongings in a closet because it was too early to check in. We asked the man at the counter what he recommended to do in Sorrento. He gave us directions to a lagoon and off we went to get breakfast before our adventure.

On the way, we found a lemon and orange grove with pathways to walk through.


Sorrento is absolutely crazy about lemons and oranges. They have ones the size of footballs and make anything you can think of out of the two fruits.


At the end of the grove was a man with a small stand selling lemon and orange candies. I bought some lemon ones and they were delicious.


We walked downtown in search of a place to eat. We ended up at an outside restaurant. I ordered a turkey club. In Italy, it turns out, a turkey clubs is a normal sandwich made of meat, tomato and melted cheese. Before our food came, we each ordered a limoncello.

For those of you who have no idea what a limoncello is, it is basically a shot of lemon flavored alcohol. I did not know this at the time the order was placed. I was only told by a friend that I had to try it while in Italy.

When we ordered it the waiter looked surprised, and that should have been my first hint. When they brought the drinks to the table in a tall shot glass, I took a sip and nearly coughed it up. An older English couple sitting at the table next to us laughed and the women said, “bit early for that isn’t it?” I explained that I did not know it was alcohol and she told us to wait before ordering it next time, most places will give it to you free after a meal, to aid with digestion.

After a pleasant conversation with the two, we finished out meal and headed off to find our bus. We found a shop to purchase our bus tickets and took the bus to a random, unmarked stop where the man at the hostel said to get off. There were no signs to follow so we took a guess and followed a random stone pathway down a hill that eventually brought us to some stone steps.


The steps lead down to the lagoon we were looking for.


You get a good view of the lagoon from the top of the steps. A small blue pond surrounded by tall, white cliffs that have an arch carved into them, leading to the ocean.


We walked down to the water and hid our belongings behind a rock, because there were half a dozen other people there. The water was a clear blue and the perfect temperature.


We swam under the arch, between the stone cliffs that emptied to the ocean. To the right there were rocks along the cliff that you could climb up to reach a different trail. Along either side of us the cliffs swooped out along the coast line, the left leading to houses belonging to the locals, and the right leading to the sea.

We noticed some locals cliff jumping half way up the cliff and had to join them. I got Jamie to climb up on the rocks with me and jump. We jumped from the lower jump a few times before swimming back into he lagoon.



We collected our belongings and headed up the stairs and down the trail, to sit at the place we jumped from. On the way up, Jamie dropped her shoe down the side of the hill and a kind Australian couple stopped to help her slide down and get it.

Once everything was good, we took the trail to our jumping spot and laid out in the sun. We enjoyed the view and talked for a bit.


The same locals that had been cliff jumping were sitting close by, drinking and listening to music. I have noticed that most of the music in Italy is American.

An American girl who was speaking with the locals sat by us and we got to talking with her about her travels. I asked her if she had been to Capri. Once she described how beautiful it was, we decided to change our plans and spend a day there.

We spent some time in the sun and in the afternoon trekked back up the long hill to get back to the bus stop.


We returned to our hostel and were able to check into our room. The room had eight bunk beds and a shower. There were two American girls and two other boys staying in the room as well.

After showering and getting dressed, we went out to sit by the pool to plan. The hostel was great! It had a pool, a bar and a beautiful patio setting. Once we figured out our plans for Capri we walked down into town to find a place to sit and eat.

We stopped at Ristorante Pizzeria S. (or maybe L?) Antonino. It was down a small alley on the right, with stone steps leading up to the entry way. The restaurant was an open area covered with a large tent. The view faced the street below and the wall of the building next to us.

I ordered the spaghetti with muscles and it was fantastic. The pasta in Italy is very much like the States, but thicker and there are more kinds.


We also ordered dessert. I got a strange strawberry dessert. It seemed like a thick glob of flan with whipped cream, strawberry sauce and small, raspberry-like strawberries.It was strange to say the least and I am still not too sure what it was.


At the end of the meal, our waiter brought us each a shot of limoncello. I had to take it because, “when in Italy”. The waiter also took a shot with us! He and the table next to us laughed at the face I made after I threw back the shot.

After dinner we walked around the streets of Sorrento.


Like all of Italy, the streets are small. There were lots and lots of shops filled with candy, juices, soaps, alcohol, souvenirs and everything lemon-flavored or scented that you could imagine.


Long after dark we went back to the hostel to sleep for the night




2 thoughts on “Backpack Italy: Exploring Sorrento

  1. Wow this takes me back to my own trip to Sorrento. The lagoon looks amazing. Funny about the limoncello. Yeah Italians are pretty uptight about drinking the right thing at the right time and for the right reason … The food looks amazing in these pictures! Making me hungry…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad this brought up memories for you- I love reading other people’s posts and being able to connect!
      I never did get the “drink the right thing at the right time” part down…maybe if I was their longer it would have suck!
      Thanks for reading! I am glad you enjoyed it!


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