There is no better dessert than ice cream. Perfect for a hot sunny day, or a late night Netflix binge. Sacramento, California is filled with very diverse ice cream shops. From giant cookie sandwiches, classic sundaes and ice cream stuffed doughnuts, you will not be disappointed.

Here is my list for the top 10 ice cream shops that will help you get your fix while in Sacramento.

1.) The Parlor Ice Cream Puffs

No matter what ice cream place I go to, I will always return to The Parlor. Whichever flavor you choose will be compressed between a warm, glazed doughnut. It is absolute heaven to the taste buds.


They have a dozen flavors to choose from that you have never heard of but will be glad you were introduced to. And, you can sample every flavor! The hard part is choosing. My personal favorite is “Taro Coconut.”


2.) Leatherby’s Family Creamery

If you want an old fashion sundae jam packed with ice cream, head to Leatherby’s. Fair warning, the ice creams cost about $10.00, but the size you get makes it worth it. You can customize your own sundae or choose from their many creations. Whatever you pick, make sure you have room for desert because there is no “small” size here.


3.) Pegasus Bakery & Cafe

Crepes and Ice Cream…no more should need to be said. This Asian bakery makes all their nutella crepes fresh and  rolls them up to serve as an ice cream cone. They have several ice cream flavor to choose from and fresh fruit and whipped creme to top it off. You will not be disappointment.



4.) Cookie Connection

If you are looking for a giant cookie ice cream sandwich, then you found the right place. Here you can choose from a dozen or so different types of cookies to mix and match for your sandwich. Choose your ice cream filling and get ready to dig in…and be seriously stuffed after eating. Tip: the Cookie Connection we went to was basically inside the bank, just follow the sign, you are in the right place.



5.) Vampire Penguin

This ice cream shop is different from all the rest because their ices cream is shaved snow. Yes, it sounds weird, but it taste just like ice cream only lighter a fluffier.


They have lots of flavors and types to choose from. You can keep it simple with chocolate and a scoop of ice cream or go crazy with twix or snickers.


6.) Sixteen Degrees Fahrenheit

Ever have rolled ice cream ? Well, now is you chance. At this ice cream shop you can watch the servers freeze, mold and roll your ice cream before covering it with toppings.

F ice cream2.jpg

Rolled ice cream is a newer trend that started in Southeast Asia and made its way across the globe. While the style is cool, the ice cream taste the same as any other scoop of ice cream. If you do decide that this is the place for you, they have 12 different flavors to choose from.

F flavor.jpg

7.) Try an “It’s-It”

Okay, so this one is not found at any crazy ice cream shop. But it is still a bit crazy, and it’s home to Sacramento (though it originally started in San Fransisco), so it is on the list. It’s called an “It’s-It” and can be found at any local Sacramento grocery store.Or many other stores around California. This ice cream sandwich comes in three different flavors and consists of a scoop of ice cream sandwiched between two cookies and smothered in chocolate.


8.) Sweets and Sugars Ice Cream and Desserts

Now, I am going to be honest…. I was not a fan of this ice cream place and actually ended up tossing mine. The people were super nice, but the ice cream concoctions are in no way my style.

However, I put it on the list for anyone who is a fan of Mexican-style sweets (aka: spicy or sour desserts/candy). Or, if you are looking for Horchata flavored ice cream, then this is the places for you. The friends who came with me swear by anything Horchata flavored.



As far as crazy ice cream in Sacramento, these are all the stops we made. Plus another 20 if you include your average ice cream shops. I hope this help you find your favorite ice cream place!


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