Along the coast of California, not too far from downtown Los Angeles, you will find Venice Beach. One of the many beaches you think of when you think of California. If you manage to find free parking along the many back streets and walk the long distance to the boardwalk, the first thing that will great you is the strong smell of….weed.

Now, I am in no way knocking Venice Beach or the boardwalk, but if you asked me to describe it I would say it has beautiful sunsets and reeks of weed. Now, if that is your thing you will have no problem spending lots of time on the boardwalk. If it is not so much, you can escape it by heading to the beach!


The board walk is still definitely worth checking out! It is one long strip filled with souvenir shops, food, drinks and a couple of gems scattered in between such as muscle beach (where body builders go to work out on the outdoor equipment), and lots of art work to check out.

Photo taken by my friend Brie Barker

While there is lots of food to grab, I went straight for the giant fruit cups they serve. So after hitting the boardwalk, treat yourself and head to the beach!


On your way to the beach, starting at main entrance of the boardwalk, you will pass a small skatepark-like set up out in the sand. It is full of graffiti, art and tons of dedicated of skateboarders and rollerbladers. Check it out and see if anything is going on. Some days they have shows here.

Photo by my friend Ariel Tonne

Of course, while you are here, you have to get that epic lifeguard hut photo! In case you were wondering, you wait until the lifeguard shift is over at the end of the day and they close it all up, before you walk over to get a photo. Do not act like me and ask the lifeguard if you can walk up and take a photo. He will say no. You will be embarrassed and confused. But hey, you have to learn and figure out life somehow right?


And most importantly, stay for the sunset because it will take your breath away.


2 thoughts on “Venice Beach, California

  1. I love Venice Beach. It is a world within itself. So much diversity and very colorful. It’s always a ‘trip’ to visit. I had my first tattoo done there 10 years ago! Thanks for sharing, looks like you enjoyed yourself!

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