We woke up, in our hostel in Sorrento, a bit late that morning. But by 9:30am we headed to the bus station to get tickets to take us to the Amalfi coast. We bought all day passes for €8.00, then took a quick walk downtown to grab breakfast, because the bus would not be around for another half hour or so.

We ended up buying street doughnuts.  It seems that, in Italy, a ‘doughnut’ here is a large ring of baked dough that bigger than the size of your face and covered in white sugar. They are much lighter, and fluffier than the ones in the U.S. They are also delicious, and only €2.00.

We ate and walked back to the bus station, then waited in line for our ride. When the bus arrived we climbed aboard. The actual ride there was absolutely INSANE! The drivers drive extremely fast, and the road is a narrow, two-way street right along the edge of a cliff. The bus dropped us off on a U-shaped street that circled a fountain and face the ocean.


We walked around a bit and then headed right for the beach! None in site, we tracked up a tall hill in search of a free, public beach. Another interesting thing was that there were no side-walks at all. People just walked along the side of the two way streets and cars rushed by them.


On the way up the hill we got some fantastic views. And I took one of my favorite photos I have ever taken, of a local rowing his boat to shore.


We soon came across a tiny beach, and I bought a water from a small store so that we could use the restroom to change. The ocean was crystal clear, but we opted to lay out on the sand. The “sand” itself was black and grainy.

I found these cool pieces of rock that look like clay on one side and are smoothed out and painted on the other. The beach was littered with them. My only guess would be that they came from pottery that was tossed into the ocean and eventually made its way back to shore in peices.


After some time at the beach we headed back to town!


On of the first things you will see when you walk under the arch to enter the town are the stairs to the Duomo Sant’Andre.


The town, like everywhere in Italy, was filled with shops selling just about everything.



For lunch, we bought a paper cone filled with fried seafood. It contained anchovies, octopus, shrimp, fish, and these little fried balls of dough that may have had clams in them. The look of the octopus tentacles made me queasy just thinking about eating it…but of course, I ate every last bite. And honestly, the octopus was the best part!


Further up the hill, there is a fountain made up of a tiny, but large, nativity-looking scene. It was named after the donkeys that tracked down the hills of Amalfi to come to drink the water. The locals around us were drinking from the fountain, so we joined them and took a few sips.


On the way back down to the bus to head for Positano, we stopped and I bought some gelato. I asked the kind women at the shop what her favorite kind was. To be honest, I have no idea what her answer was, but I nodded and told her I would take a scoop of that. Turns out it was chocolate hazelnut, which is my favorite! It was the third best I have had in Italy!

We headed out of the town, walking up hill one last time to get one last look at the view.


When we got back to the lot, we then boarded the bus to head further down the coast to Positano.


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      1. At the moment I am sailing around the Bahamas and Cuba. As of now I plan to backpack around South America in May- unless I get an offer for a ship with an itinerary that I can’t refuse 🙂


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