The bus took us from Amalfi to Positano in under 10 minutes. The bus ride was super scary, as we flew down the congested roads right on the edge of the cliff. When we got off the bus we thought that we were in the wrong place. We were on the road and could see nothing but a wall of rock behind us and a guard rail in front of us.


After a quick moment we walked down the hill/road and followed the curve. It opened up into a small walkway filled with people and shops.



We kept walking down the hills, popping off into the stores as we went.


We ducked into one or two art studios along the way. They were filled with beautiful paintings and sculptures.


Eventually all the winding hills took us to the bottom of the mountain that emptied us out to a beach. The place was filled with people dining at the restaurants that lined the hills behind us, and bathing in the sun.


There were several locals selling paintings and art pieces along the shore.


We found a restroom and paid €0.50 to enter and change into our swimsuits before laying out our towels on the sand. Jamie tanned and I went for a swim. The water was impossibly clear and the view of the homes built into the mountain was breathtaking.


After some time swimming and exploring we tracked back up the tiresome path to stand in the long line for the bus back to Sorrento.


When we made it back we bought some candies and post cards downtown, then headed back to our hostel. We were going to go out to eat but they were having a “make your own pizza” night in the small courtyard at the hostel we were staying out. Who could resit making pizza in Italy? So we ate, drank and planned for our trip to Capri the next morning.


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