By 8:00am we were up and ready to go to Capri! We checked-out of our hotel, stored our backpacks and met the bus outside the hostel at 8:20am. Due to our last minute plan change, our current hostel had no space available of that night, but they connected us to another down the street that was cheaper. We would be checking into the new hostel upon our return from the island.

We climbed into the tiny, white shuttle and they took us to several other hotels to pick up other tourists. Once again we sped down roads built along the cliff side, as we headed to the marina.


We explored the marina a bit, then found our boat and paid the captain our due when we climbed aboard.

The boat was completely full. It looked like a tiny fishing vessel that took people to Capri as a weekend job. We sat right at the front of the boat, getting the best view. I wondered why no one had chosen to sit at the bow, but guessed that the dark and cloudy weather had something to do with it. Oh well, lucky us.


By the time we got to the island it was a sunshiny day! The boat dropped us off at the island, warning everyone to be back by 4:00pm, or they would leave without us.

We walked around the base of the island and found a cable car that would take us to the top of the mountain. We were expecting it to be more of a ski lift, but it was more like a cable-subway system. We paid the fee, were packed into the car with a handful of others and brought to the top of the hill.


There were many more shops and people at the top. We decided to take a walk and see where we would end up. The streets were so small you could barely stand side by side with someone comfortabley. No cars were to be seen, only vespas as a form of transportation.

We walk a long way until we arrived at a “natural arch” …which was under construction when we got there. So we did not see much of it, but it was nice to explore the island.

We tracked back, meandered around the shops and then took the cable car back down to make our way to the blue grotto.

Long story short about our adventure to the blue grotto….
We took two busses on a death drive all the way there. When we arrived the line was over 2 hours long. I would never have a problem with waiting in a long line…but if we did we would have missed our boat ride home. Thus, we had to turn around and head back to the marina. But, on the bright side, the view from the top of the line was breathtaking.


When we got back to the marina, we headed for the beach next to it and went for a swim! The water was a beautiful blue. It was also freezing.


Eventually we headed back to the boat just before 4:00pm and climbed aboard. We were first in line and got to pick our spots. We sat on the right side, closest to the island and waited for our boat tour to begin.


We were given details about the island as we cruised around it. It pulled into the “green grotto” and we got to take a peak. It is basically a small grotto that looks green due to the light reflecting off the water.


We were shown the white grotto, told multiple stories about the history of the island, and then taken to the giant rock pillars that you see on all the post cards of Capri. We drove right between them!


After our tour we were taken back to the main island and took our shuttle back to our new hostel. We checked in, spent some time with our two new roommates, who were both from Argentina, got something to eat and then headed to bed. The next morning we were off to find Pompeii.

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