We got up early that morning to head to Pompeii.

We had packed the night before, so we got up, dressed and headed to the train station. We bought tickets to stop at Pompeii, then to continue to Naples afterwards. For breakfast, we bought those giant doughnuts again and sat at the cafe in the train station as we waited for the train to come.

The train ride was short. When we got off at Pompeii, walked to the entrance and checked our bags so that we did not have to carry them around the city. We then bought tickets to enter and went to explore.

Honestly, I never knew how big Pompeii actually was until I began to walk around. There are blocks and blocks of ruins.


It feels a little bit like you were transported back in time to bear witness to a city that could have been.


The streets themselves are very wide, and the system that the people built was so well thought out.


It’s a bit strange how intact everything still was.

My favorite parts were the large art pieces that were erected in the center of the city.




Even the smallest details of paintings and art held strong.



We saw theaters built like a coliseum.


The pottery was still well preserved.


Some of the poor souls that lost their lives during the destruction were encased and preserved by the lava. It was very heartbreaking to see.


We walked the streets for three or four hours.



We eventually got lunch at the cafe that had been built in the middle of the city. After, we made our way back to the train to head to Naples.

While waiting on the platform, I saw a girl trying to brush the dust from Pompeii’s clay filled streets off her sandaled feet. I offered her some baby wipes (which I ALWAYS carry with me when I travel) to help clean up. She accepted and we got to talking. Her name was Wendy, she was from France and was visiting Italy on her weekend breaks from the French Coast Guard.

She said that she loved the U.S.A. and we compared cultural norms. Her English was fantastic (which I point out because she did not agree when I told her so) and we shared stories. Before we said goodbye she gave me some places that I had to see while in Rome. I wished her good luck with her trip and we parted ways as I found Jamie and we boarded the train.

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