Santa Monica is one of my favorite places in California. The beach is beautiful, the town is sunny and clean, the boardwalk is old and rustic, the air is fresh and, best of all, it is the end of the line on Route 66!


There is a lot to do here, especially if you are a board walker, beach goer and shopper. Just walk around and find what calls to you. Personally, I liked it more than Venice Beach. Though, to be honest, I was the only one out of the ten of us that had that preference.


The board walk has a handful of things to see. Check out the souvenir shops, find a great view to watch the sunset, get a milkshake at the old soda shoppes, and best of all, ride the carousel!


I wish I had taken more photographs to show, but regardless of my lack of examples, see it for yourself!

My top “To Do List” while in Santa Monica:

  1. Stroll to the end of the boardwalk to watch the sunset.
  2. Walk the third street promenade (especially at night).
  3. Eat at Pier Burger!
  4. Stop into the Route 66 gift shop (on the board walk).
  5. Try freeze-dried ice cream.
  6. Hit the beach.
  7. Ride the carousel, and stop at the old soda shoppe next to it.
  8. Stop to see the street performers that appear along the strip that leads to the board walk.

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