We woke up the next morning in our hostel, M&J Hostel, in Rome. The plan was to sleep late but we got such a good night sleep that we woke up a lot earlier than expected. So, we got ready and then set off to go to the Vatican City.

We casually made our way there using the subway. The line to get in was ridiculously long. It curved from the front entrance, around the wall and around the next corner. We got in line to wait. There were people walking up and down the line selling tickets for €30.00 so you could skip the line, but that was not worth it to us.

It took about 3 hours for us to get to the front. Once there, they let a small group of people through the doors at a time. We entered and went through the metal detectors, then up the stairs to the ticket windows. The tickets are €16.00 per person, but €8.00 for students. I had forgotten my student ID, but after telling him my age, the man at the ticket counter only charged me for the student price.

The Vatican museum is beautiful. It is filled with rooms decked out with sculptures and paintings.


My favorite sculpture was Perseus with the Head of medusa. A great photo op if you are a Greek mythology fan!


You must pass through at least a hundred rooms before making it to the exit. But some have great views of the city.


The only downside is that it is stuffed full with so many people that you feel like cattle being herded from room to room, with tour groups stationed as road blocks.



When you enter the Sistine Chapel… well it is beautiful… but I was not expecting the famous painting to be so small. It is just as small as the rest of the paintings next to it and it does not stand out very much.


Also, they ask you not to take photos while in the Sistine Chapel…

I am in love with the stair case that takes you to the exit.


When we left the museum we sat on the giant stairs leading away from the building and had a snack while we talked for a bit.

On the subway back to the hostel we stopped at the Spanish Steps. However, they were bing cleaned so you could only view them behind the glass wall they put up.

We rested until 7:00pm and made our way back to where the Vatican City is.

My friend told me about an amazing place to eat that she had gone with her family while she was in Rome, called Dino and Toni. Thus we went on a search for the tiny restaurant.

We eventually found it and went in to sit down. None of the waiters spoke English, which I thought was kind of fun and different than the tourist parts of the city. They seated us and took our order. At this restaurant they serve you every course, starting with the hor devours.


I have no idea what types of food we actually ate but it was probably the best meal we had during our two weeks in Italy. (Or, it at least tied with the meal we had in Tuscany.)

After our meal we paid and headed in search of gelato.

We stopped at “Gelateria Frullati,” right across from the wall of the Vatican. We had seen it earlier but the line was crazy long. After we ordered we figured out why. It was only €3.00 for a choclate dipped cone with three scoops of gelato! I ordered chocolate hazelnut, dark chocolate and Nutella. It was absolutely fantastic!

I would consider this, and the gelato spot we stopped at in Florence, to be the best gelato we had while in Italy!

It was late by the time we finished so we headed back to our hostel. We barley got any sleep thanks to a new hostel mate who snored like a chainsaw. Not even headphones with the music blasting helped.

The next morning we rolled out of bed and made our way to the airport. It was time to head home. We made some friends while waiting for our flight and I spent the last of my euros in the airport for gifts to bring home to the family.

It was a fantastic trip. If I ever make it back, my plan is to hit up all the places I missed.If you ever plan to head to Italy, I hope my adventures there helped you to plan your trip.


Arrivederci Italia!


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