5 Things to do in Sacramento, California

Sacramento is a city that is both easygoing and full of life. It has a busy downtown area with a great night life, daytime activites to do with the family, tons of events going on, and is surrounded by  clusters of different towns that offer many different outdoor recreation activities. 1.) Old Town It is … Continue reading 5 Things to do in Sacramento, California

Beautiful Murals Around the West Coast

The minds of artists... their ideas... the way they share their stories, can be fascinating, beautiful and sometimes make you wonder... My favorite type of art is any type of paintings. I love portraits, landscapes and of course, murals. Wherever city you venture you can surely find a mural around somewhere. Here are some beautiful … Continue reading Beautiful Murals Around the West Coast

Venice Beach, California

Along the coast of California, not too far from downtown Los Angeles, you will find Venice Beach. One of the many beaches you think of when you think of California. If you manage to find free parking along the many back streets and walk the long distance to the boardwalk, the first thing that will … Continue reading Venice Beach, California

Crazy Ice Cream in Sacramento

There is no better dessert than ice cream. Perfect for a hot sunny day, or a late night Netflix binge. Sacramento, California is filled with very diverse ice cream shops. From giant cookie sandwiches, classic sundaes and ice cream stuffed doughnuts, you will not be disappointed. Here is my list for the top 10 ice … Continue reading Crazy Ice Cream in Sacramento

The California Redwoods

Nature is beautiful and jaw dropping. These adjectives can be used to perfectly describe the tallest trees in the world... The California Redwood Trees. The California Redwoods can be found in northern Californian. You can take a trip to the Redwood National and State Parks and walk or hike many different trails through the forest... … Continue reading The California Redwoods

Apple Hill in the Summer

Apple Hill is in Placerville, California. It is basically vast fields of land that are all home to acres and acres of apple orchards and farmers. If you are an apple picker, cider drinker, pumpkin patch goer or fall festival lover, it is must visit while in California in the summer time. Before you head … Continue reading Apple Hill in the Summer

Camping in Tuttletown.

Tuttletown has some great camping and hiking spots. It is a small town that is great for a weekend camping trip or a cheap place to stay while you are making your way through California. On the way to Yosemite one weekend, a group of friends and I spent two nights camping in Tuttletown. It’s … Continue reading Camping in Tuttletown.